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Win32_PerfRawData_ASPNET_ASPNET Class

ASP.NET global performance counters
Namespace value is root/CIMV2.
WMI Provider value is WmiPerfInst.


  • ApplicationRestarts
  • Number of times the application has been restarted during the web server's lifetime.

  • ApplicationsRunning
  • Number of currently running web applications.

  • AuditFailureEventsRaised
  • Number of audit failures in the application since it was started.

  • AuditSuccessEventsRaised
  • Number of audit successes in the application since it was started.

  • Caption
  • A short textual description (one-line string) for the statistic or metric.

  • Description
  • A textual description of the statistic or metric.

  • ErrorEventsRaised
  • Number of error events raised since the application was started.

  • Frequency_Object
  • Not applicable.

  • Frequency_PerfTime
  • Not applicable.

  • Frequency_Sys100NS
  • Not applicable.

  • InfrastructureErrorEventsRaised
  • Number of HTTP error events raised since the application was started.

  • Name
  • The Name property defines the label by which the statistic or metric is known. When subclassed, the property can be overridden to be a Key property.

  • RequestErrorEventsRaised
  • Number of runtime error events raised since the application was started.

  • RequestExecutionTime
  • The number of milliseconds that it took to execute the most recent request.

  • RequestsCurrent
  • The current number of requests, including those that are queued, currently executing, or waiting to be written to the client. Under the ASP.NET process model, when this counter exceeds the requestQueueLimit defined in the processModel configuration section, ASP.NET will begin rejecting requests.

  • RequestsDisconnected
  • The number of requests disconnected due to communication errors or user terminated.

  • RequestsQueued
  • The number of requests waiting to be processed.

  • RequestsRejected
  • The number of requests rejected because the request queue was full.

  • RequestWaitTime
  • The number of milliseconds the most recent request was waiting in the queue.

  • StateServerSessionsAbandoned
  • The number of sessions that have been explicitly abandoned.

  • StateServerSessionsActive
  • The current number of sessions currently active.

  • StateServerSessionsTimedOut
  • The number of sessions timed out.

  • StateServerSessionsTotal
  • The number of sessions total.

  • Timestamp_Object
  • Not applicable.

  • Timestamp_PerfTime
  • Not applicable.

  • Timestamp_Sys100NS
  • Not applicable.

  • WorkerProcessesRunning
  • Number of worker processes running on the machine.

  • WorkerProcessRestarts
  • Number of times a worker process has restarted on the machine.


    Method not found.

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