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Win32_PerfFormattedData_NETFramework_NETCLRInterop Class

Stats for CLR interop.
Namespace value is root/CIMV2.
WMI Provider value is WmiPerfInst.


  • Caption
  • A short textual description (one-line string) for the statistic or metric.

  • Description
  • A textual description of the statistic or metric.

  • Frequency_Object
  • Not applicable.

  • Frequency_PerfTime
  • Not applicable.

  • Frequency_Sys100NS
  • Not applicable.

  • Name
  • The Name property defines the label by which the statistic or metric is known. When subclassed, the property can be overridden to be a Key property.

  • NumberofCCWs
  • This counter displays the current number of Com-Callable-Wrappers (CCWs). A CCW is a proxy for the .NET managed object being referenced from unmanaged COM client(s). This counter was designed to indicate the number of managed objects being referenced by unmanaged COM code.

  • Numberofmarshalling
  • This counter displays the total number of times arguments and return values have been marshaled from managed to unmanaged code and vice versa since the start of the application. This counter is not incremented if the stubs are inlined. (Stubs are responsible for marshalling arguments and return values). Stubs usually get inlined if the marshalling overhead is small.

  • NumberofStubs
  • This counter displays the current number of stubs created by the CLR. Stubs are responsible for marshalling arguments and return values from managed to unmanaged code and vice versa; during a COM Interop call or PInvoke call.

  • NumberofTLBexportsPersec
  • Reserved for future use.

  • NumberofTLBimportsPersec
  • Reserved for future use.

  • Timestamp_Object
  • Not applicable.

  • Timestamp_PerfTime
  • Not applicable.

  • Timestamp_Sys100NS
  • Not applicable.


    Method not found.

    Example WQL

    SELECT * FROM Win32_PerfFormattedData_NETFramework_NETCLRInterop
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