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Win32_PerfFormattedData_Counters_IPHTTPSSession Class

Per session statistics on this IPHTTPS server.
Namespace value is root/CIMV2.
WMI Provider value is WmiPerfInst.


  • Bytesreceivedonthissession
  • Total bytes received on this IPHTTPS session.

  • Bytessentonthissession
  • Total bytes sent on this IPHTTPS session.

  • Caption
  • A short textual description (one-line string) for the statistic or metric.

  • Description
  • A textual description of the statistic or metric.

  • DurationDurationofthesessionSeconds
  • Time since this session was established in seconds.

  • ErrorsReceiveerrorsonthissession
  • Total receive errors on this session.

  • ErrorsTransmiterrorsonthissession
  • Total transmit errors on this session.

  • Frequency_Object
  • Not applicable.

  • Frequency_PerfTime
  • Not applicable.

  • Frequency_Sys100NS
  • Not applicable.

  • Name
  • The Name property defines the label by which the statistic or metric is known. When subclassed, the property can be overridden to be a Key property.

  • Packetsreceivedonthissession
  • Total Ipv6 packets received on this IPHTTPS session.

  • Packetssentonthissession
  • Total Ipv6 packets sent on this IPHTTPS session.

  • Timestamp_Object
  • Not applicable.

  • Timestamp_PerfTime
  • Not applicable.

  • Timestamp_Sys100NS
  • Not applicable.


    Method not found.

    Example WQL

    SELECT * FROM Win32_PerfFormattedData_Counters_IPHTTPSSession
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