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Win32_IniFileSpecification Class

This class contains the .INI information that the application needs to set in an .INI file. The .INI file information is written out when the corresponding component has been selected to be installed, either locally or run from source.
Namespace value is root/CIMV2.
WMI Provider value is MSIProv.


  • Action
  • The type of modification made.

    Creates or updates a .ini entry.

    Creates a .ini entry only if the entry does not already exist.

    Creates a new entry or appends a new comma-separated value to an existing entry.

  • Caption
  • Not applicable.

  • CheckID
  • An identifier used in conjunction with other keys to uniquely identify the check

  • CheckMode
  • The CheckMode property is used to indicate whether the condition is expected to exist or not exist in the environment. When the value is True, the condition is expected to exist (e.g., a file is expected to be on a system) so invoke() is expected to return True. When the value is False, the condition is not expect to exist (e.g., a file is not to be on a system) so invoke is expected to return false

  • CheckSum
  • The Checksum property is a checksum calculated as the 16-bit sum of the first 32 bytes of the file.

  • CRC1
  • The CRC1 property is the CRC value calculated using the middle 512K bytes.

  • CRC2
  • The CRC2 is the CRC value for the middle 512K bytes with a offset modulo 3 to the start of the file of zero.

  • CreateTimeStamp
  • The creation date and time of the file.

  • Description
  • A description of the objects.

  • FileSize
  • Not applicable.

  • IniFile
  • A unique key identifying this ini file specification within its product.

  • key
  • The .ini file key within the section.

  • MD5Checksum
  • The MD5 algorithm is a well-known algorithm for computing a 128-bit checksum for any file or object. The likelihood of two different files producing the same MD5 checksum is very small (about 1 in 2^64), and as such, the MD5 checksum of a file can be used to construct a reliable content identifier that is very likely to uniquely identify the file. The reverse is also true. If two files have the same MD5 checksum, it is very likely that the files are identical. For purposes of MOF specification of the MD5 property, the MD5 algorithm always generates a 32 character string. For example: The string abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz generates the string c3fcd3d76192e4007dfb496cca67e13b. See http://www. rsa.com/pub/rfc1321.txt for details on the implementation of the MD5 algorithm.

  • Name
  • Either the name of the file or the name of the file with a directory prefix.

  • Section
  • The .ini file section.

  • SoftwareElementID
  • This is an identifier for this software element.

  • SoftwareElementState
  • The software element state of a software element

  • TargetOperatingSystem
  • The target operating system of the this software element.

  • Value
  • The value to be written.

  • Version
  • Version should be in the form .. or .


  • Invoke
  • The invoke method is to evaluate a particular check. The details of how the method evaluates a particular check in a CIM context is described by the non-abstract CIM_Check sub classes. The results of the method are based on the return value. - A 0 (zero) is returned if the condition is satisfied. - A 1 (one) is returned if the method is not supported. - Any other value indicates the condition is not satisfied.

    Example WQL

    SELECT * FROM Win32_IniFileSpecification
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