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Win32_ComputerSystemProduct Class

The Win32_ComputerSystemProduct class represents a product. This includes software and hardware used on this computer system.
Namespace value is root/CIMV2.
WMI Provider value is CIMWin32.


  • Caption
  • A short textual description (one-line string) for the Product.

  • Description
  • A textual description of the product.

  • IdentifyingNumber
  • Product identification such as a serial number on software, a die number on a hardware chip, or (for non-commercial Products) a project number.

  • Name
  • Commonly used product name.

  • SKUNumber
  • Product SKU (stock keeping unit) information.

  • UUID
  • The UUID property contains the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for this product. A UUID is a 128-bit identifier that is guaranteed to be different from other generated UUIDs. If a UUID is not available, a UUID of all zeros is used.

  • Vendor
  • The name of the Product's supplier, or entity selling the Product (the manufacturer, reseller, OEM, etc.). Corresponds to the Vendor property in the Product object in the DMTF Solution Exchange Standard.

  • Version
  • Product version information. Corresponds to the Version property in the product object in the DMTF Solution Exchange Standard.


    Method not found.

    Example WQL

    SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystemProduct
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