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Win32_ClassInfoAction Class

The RegisterClassInfo action manages the registration of COM class information with the system. In the Advertise mode the action registers all COM classes for which the corresponding feature is enabled. Else the action registers COM classes for which the corresponding feature is currently selected to be installed.
Namespace value is root/CIMV2.
WMI Provider value is MSIProv.


  • ActionID
  • The ActionID property is a unique identifier assigned to a particular action for a software element.

  • AppID
  • Application ID containing DCOM information for the associated application (string GUID).

  • Argument
  • This property is optional only when the Context property is set to the LocalServer or LocalServer32 server context. The text is registered as the argument against the OLE server and is used by OLE for invoking the server.

  • Caption
  • Not applicable.

  • The class identifier of a COM server

  • Context
  • The server context for this server. This may be one of the following values: LocalServer, LocalServer32, InprocServer, InprocServer32

  • DefInprocHandler
  • Default inproc handler. May be optionally provided only for Context = LocalServer or LocalServer32. A non-numeric value is treated as a system file that serves as the 32-bit InprocHandler (appearing as the InprocHandler32 value).

    1 = default (system)
    16-bit InprocHandler (appearing as the InprocHandler value)

    2 = default (system)
    32-bit InprocHandler (appearing as the InprocHandler32 value)

    3 = default (system)
    16-bit as well as 32-bit InprocHandlers

  • Description
  • A description of the object.

  • Direction
  • The Direction property indicates whether a particular CIM_Action object is part of a sequence of actions to transition the current software element to its next state, such as "Install" or to remove the current software element, such as "Uninstall".

  • FileTypeMask
  • Contains information for the HKCR (this CLSID) key. If multiple patterns exist, they must be delimited by a semicolon, and numeric subkeys are generated: 0, 1, 2.

  • Insertable
  • An indicator as to whether this object is insertable or not.

  • Name
  • Name is used to identify this software element

  • ProgID
  • The default Program ID associated with this Class ID.

  • RemoteName
  • The name used remotely for the server.

  • SoftwareElementID
  • The SoftwareElementID is an identifier for this software element.

  • SoftwareElementState
  • The SoftwareElementState indicates the state of a software element

  • TargetOperatingSystem
  • The TargetOperatingSystem indicates the target operating system of the owning software element.

  • Version
  • Version should be in the form .. or ..

  • VIProgID
  • The VI Program ID associated with this Class ID.


  • Invoke
  • The invoke method is to take a particular action. The details of how the method performs the action is implementation specific. The results of the method are based on the return value. - A 0 (zero) is returned if the condition is satisfied. - A 1 (one) is returned if the method is not supported. - Any other value indicates the condition is not satisfied.

    Example WQL

    SELECT * FROM Win32_ClassInfoAction
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